The DosaMaker
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Introducing the DosaMaker

How to Use the DosaMaker

Now everyone can make dosa at home.

Dosas are a versatile, vegan, and gluten-free healthy crepe. With the DosaMaker, you can use a variety of batters, including fresh homemade batter and pre-packaged mixes, to make dosas. From breakfast to dessert, dosas are a healthy alternative to wraps and sandwich breads. Interested in exploring the world of making dosas? Check out our original recipes on our Blog!


Fresh, authentic dosa. Modern, elegant design.

Simple and easy cooking system

Our patented closing mechanism assists you in closing the DosaMaker, so you can consistently create evenly spread dosas. Just pour batter, bring the lid forward into the elevated cooking position, and then gently slide back and lower the lid onto the batter. Making dosa is now that simple.

Create complete meals

In the elevated cooking position the top cooking plate does not contact the dosa, so you can cook or warm your favorite fillings. Create an egg dosa by cooking an egg directly on top of your dosa, melt cheese for grilled cheese dosa, or warm-up potato masala for a traditional masala dosa.

Thin, cripsy dosa - now with less oil

Create dosa with an authentic, handmade texture. Our spiral pattern creates the ridges that form when traditionally making a dosa by hand, and our floating hinge design allows the lid to rise.

We have partnered with ILAG Swiss high performance coatings to develop an advanced non-stick cooking surface, so crispy dosas can be made with very little oil. Less oil = healthier dosas.

Automatic temperature control

Our software-based temperature controller uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically manage temperature, while precision sensors monitor the cooking surfaces. Just select the temperature (low, med, or high) for the batter you are using and let the DosaMaker handle the rest. No more cooling your pan with water between dosas, or burning a dosa because the surface is too hot.

Our Story

  • The idea for a DosaMaker is born

    Arvind Krishnan was in India working with his family who founded one of India's oldest food businesses, Nilgiri's. While enjoying a dosa, he remembered how difficult it is to get dosa when he is back home in the US. Everyone he knows back home enjoys eating dosa, but many people can't make them. So after returning home, he embarked on developing the world's first household dosa making appliance.

  • Prototypes, prototypes, and more prototypes!

    Arvind worked with his mom, who happens to be a great Indian cook, to understand what goes into making an authentic, handmade dosa. He quickly realized why dosas are so tough to make! He works with a team of product designers and engineers to start building DosaMaker prototypes, and after many failed attempts, they create a prototype that makes a dosa.

  • Development Continues

    To ensure that the DosaMaker will be easy-to-use and work with many batter types, our team continued development to optimize their design. DosaMaker prototypes were tested with consumers in the US and India, and received a great response. During these demos, our team introduced dosas to many new-comers, educating them on the versatility of these vegan and gluten-free, healthy crepes.

  • Team Secures Manufacturing

    Our team visited China to meet manufacturers, and we partner with a high-quality factory. We begin building factory prototypes and update the DosaMaker design for manufacturing. But to finalize tooling and start production, we need to raise funds. After witnessing the positive response from consumers during demos, we decide that crowdfunding will be a great way to ask the dosa-loving community for their support.

  • Successfully
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